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A lower risk P2P way to lend

Lend & Borrow Trust's P2P platform enables investors to reduce their risk by arranging loans that are 100% secured by physical, allocated precious metals. Loans cannot exceed the market value of the underlying collateral, thereby protecting lenders' capital.



Benefits for Lenders

Generate lower risk interest income by lending securely against physical, allocated precious metals collateral held in custody by Goldmoney, the world's most trusted name in precious metals.

Earn interest at rates higher than banks offer on deposits.

No fees for lenders.

Offer to lend in your choice of up to five currencies with your choice of rates and terms.

Your principal is protected by automatic margin calls triggered in the event the underlying precious metal collateral declines relative to the loan value.

Minimum lending amount is £5,000 when bidding in auctions and £25,001 when starting your own auction.

Case Studies

P2P lending is an increasingly popular way to earn interest income in excess of that provided by banks or other traditional lending activities. However, the vast bulk of P2P lending is unsecured and is thus at risk of sharply higher default rates in an economic downturn. LBT lender clients have used the secured lending platform to earn interest in excess of bank rates while avoiding the credit risk of unsecured P2P lending.

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What makes LBT different from other P2P platforms is that all lending is secured by precious metals which are highly liquid, can be sold at any time and the proceeds converted into whatever base currency desired by the lender, making them whole, and quickly, in the event of a borrower default. Lending which is secured on property is not only volatile, but relatively less liquid and hard to sell quickly in the event of a borrower default and need to repay the lender.

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Our platform enables borrowers to lower their cost of funding by securing their loans with physical precious metals.

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