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The Goldmoney 2020 Outlook & Roundtable
LBT founder James Turk joins the annual Goldmoney outlook & roundtable.
10 Mar 2020

The Goldmoney Research team reunites with special guest, former Member of the European Parliament Godfrey Bloom. Listen to the thoughts and views from the panel of experts as they discuss the global economy, the threat from Coronavirus, systemic risks and the outlook for Precious metals and the financial market.

Goldmoney Announces 100% ownership of Lend & Borrow Trust
LBT has been fully acquired by Goldmoney Inc.
13 Aug 2019

LBT is pleased to announce that, in the most recent fiscal quarter, we have been fully acquired by Goldmoney Inc, a TSX-listed, precious metals-focused financial services firm.

A Sense of Security
Peer2Peer Finance News with John Butler
4 Jun 2019

P2P secured lending should offer lenders some reassurance and help to reduce the risk of borrower defaults. In the latest edition of Peer2Peer Finance News, our CEO John Butler discusses the advantages of precious metal collateral, including how easily it can be sold if necessary.

The 2019 Gold Summit
Southbank Investment Research, Gold Summit interview with John Butler
18 Mar 2019

Our CEO John Butler is joined by Boaz Shoshan at the 2019 Gold Summit. In this interview they discuss why a reform of the current monetary system is needed, how a return to the gold standard could provide a sound monetary base and why the Austrian school of economics has been dismissed by mainstream economists.

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