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Lend & Borrow Trust's P2P Marketplace

We connect businesses and high net worth individuals looking for lower-cost financing with people and organisations looking for lower-risk lending opportunities. All loans are secured with the borrower's pledged gold or silver collateral. Our platform offers a convenient and efficient way both to lend and to borrow.


How it works


Lenders use their online account to specify the currency, amount, term and interest rate at which they would like to lend.

  • No lender fees
  • Interest is paid monthly and can be withdrawn or lent out again
  • Funds used for lending are held in segregated accounts and are under no circumstances comingled with LBT corporate funds
  • Minimum lending amount is £5,000 when bidding in auctions and £25,001 when starting your own auction.
Lend & Borrow Trust

Lend & Borrow Trust administers all aspects of loan arrangement and servicing:

  • Processing of interest and loan payments
  • Administration of pledged metal collateral
  • Monitoring of the loan-to-value ratio


Borrowers use their online account to specify the currency, amount, interest rate and term at which they would like to borrow.

  • Interest and fees are payable monthly while the loan repayment is due at the end of the loan term
  • Loans may be prepaid or renewed
  • Metal used as collateral for a loan is held in third-party custody via LBT
  • Minimum borrowing amount is £25,001 (businesses) or £60,261 (individuals).

How the P2P Marketplace works

Customers propose preferred lending and borrowing terms in auctions for other customers to bid on

If the auction is fully funded or the auction period ends, the borrower has 24 hours to decide whether to go ahead with a loan based on the bids placed

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High net worth individuals and businesses can lend or borrow with LBT

Sign up online today and start lending or borrowing

How to lend

  • Sign up online
  • Transfer funds to your account
  • Start an auction to lend or submit a bid to lend in an auction by a customer who wants to borrow
  • Receive monthly interest payments into your LBT account

How to borrow

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