Risk Disclosure

Risk Disclosure

What are the risks?

The granting of credit involves risk. We have mitigated the risk to lenders by implementing a robust model for collateralising loans with securely stored precious metal that can quickly be sold if necessary to ensure Lenders are promptly repaid. Nevertheless, you should consider whether the opportunities presented through the Goldmoney Lend & Borrow website meet your tolerance for risk by making yourself aware of the disclosures and risks described below. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Lending is Not Eligible for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

Lending funds through a Peer-to-Peer platform involves risk to your capital. Lend & Borrow Trust Company Limited is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), but Loans are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This means that you are not entitled to compensation from the FSCS if you suffer a loss.

Relationship with Goldmoney

Goldmoney Lend & Borrow is a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldmoney Inc.

Goldmoney Lend & Borrow stores its Customers’ gold and silver in specialised bullion vaults owned and operated by independent companies that have established relationships with Goldmoney Wealth Limited (GWL),which is incorporated and operates in Jersey, Channel Islands. GWL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldmoney Inc., which is incorporated in Canada and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:XAU). GWL is regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission in the conduct of money services business and operates under Jersey law and regulatory standards.

Customers’ gold and silver are managed by GWL in accordance with contracts with the independent vault companies. All gold and silver are placed in allocated storage and insured for normal commercial risks.

Lender Risks

Lenders are at risk if a Borrower does not pay the interest when it is due or fails to repay the Loan at maturity. Goldmoney Lend & Borrow has taken various steps to mitigate this risk including:

  • Loans are fully secured by gold and silver bars that can quickly be sold if necessary to ensure Lenders are promptly repaid.
  • Only high quality good delivery gold and silver bars that meet the standards of the London Bullion Market Association are accepted as collateral.
  • Gold and silver bars are stored in high-security vaults.
  • Gold and silver bars are insured against theft and other commercial risks.
  • The Loan-to-Value ("LTV") is monitored by Goldmoney Lend & Borrow's purpose-built platform. The LTV at commencement of each Loan is equal or less than the Maximum Initial LTV. Margin Calls are issued if the LTV reaches Margin Call LTV, instructing the Borrower to reduce the LTV to the Maximum Initial LTV by partially repaying the Loan or pledging additional Collateral. If the LTV reaches the Metal Sale LTV, Pledged Metal is automatically sold to reduce the LTV back to the Margin Call LTV, or the Maximum Initial LTV if the Margin Call is not met.

LTV Type Gold Silver
Maximum Initial LTV 75% 65%
Margin Call LTV 85% 75%
Metal Sale LTV 90% 85%

If a Borrower defaults, Goldmoney Lend & Borrow will on the Lender's behalf sell the Borrower's Collateral in order to repay amounts due to the Lender. Even with the ongoing monitoring of the LTV, it is possible that the price of gold or silver drops faster than the metal held as Collateral can be sold, meaning that the LTV rises above 100%. Were that to happen, the value of the gold or silver pledged as Collateral would be less than the Loan amount. In that event, the proceeds from selling Pledged Metal would not be sufficient to fully repay a Lender.

Goldmoney Lend & Borrow undertakes a creditworthiness assessment of each potential borrower as follows:

For borrowers that are individuals, Goldmoney Lend & Borrow requires each borrower to:

  • Submit a Statement of High Net Worth signed by a professional accountant in compliance with 60H and 60Q of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001;
  • Confirm whether pledging of his assets as collateral to borrow will affect his ability to meet regular outgoings or to make any payments which the borrower has contractual or statutory obligation to make during the life of the loan and how the borrower intends to repay the loan at the end of the term (Borrower Questionnaire)

Before a loan is advanced, Goldmoney Lend & Borrow completes an assessment of the individual borrower's creditworthiness based on the following:

  • Statement of High Net Worth
  • Borrower Questionnaire
  • Amount and term of the loan
  • Source of Funds information
  • Conduct of Goldmoney Lend & Borrow Account

For borrowers who are businesses, Goldmoney Lend & Borrow bases the creditworthiness assessment on audited financial statements ,public records of borrowing and other information that is either publicly available or requested from the borrower.

If the borrower assessment indicates any concerns about the ability of the borrower to repay the prospective loan and interest thereon, a loan is not advanced to the borrower.

Segregating Customer Money

Goldmoney Lend & Borrow operates separate accounts with a UK-based bank so that customer money is not commingled with Goldmoney Lend & Borrow's own corporate assets.

Money that is related to lending through the Goldmoney Lend & Borrow P2P Marketplace is held in the Client Money accounts that we operate within the scope of the Client Money rules of the FCA. Customer money that is not related to lending through the Goldmoney Lend & Borrow P2P Marketplace is held in the Customer Funds accounts, which are not governed by the FCA's client money rules.

Any Customer money, whether it is held in the Client Money or Customer Funds accounts, is protected by the FSCS up to a total of £85,000 for each Customer in the event of bank failure.

Interest Rate Risk

Where Goldmoney Lend & Borrow facilitates Loans that are made for a fixed Term and fixed Interest Rate and interest rates rise, the Lender would not be able to benefit from higher interest rates. In a similar way, if interest rates fall, the Borrower would not be able to benefit from the lower interest rates.

Interest returns may vary for Loans that are made at a floating Interest Rate, should the floating rate selected increase or decrease.

Goldmoney Lend & Borrow does not operate a secondary market whereby Lenders can seek to find new Lenders to take over their existing Loan.

Borrower Risks

In order to borrow, the Borrower must pledge gold or silver bars. The Borrower retains title to the Precious Metal pledged, but control is given to Goldmoney Lend & Borrow. If the Borrower does not meet a Margin Call or pay interest or repay the principal when due, Goldmoney Lend & Borrow sells a sufficient amount of gold or silver to repay the Lender. If the Borrower does not advise within two Business Days after the lender has called a Callable Loan that funds for repayment of the principal will be provided, Goldmoney Lend & Borrow sells a sufficient amount of gold or silver to repay the Lender. Borrowers are not entitled to compensation from the FSCS if they suffer a loss.

Operator Insolvency

If Goldmoney Lend & Borrow were to become insolvent or to cease operating for any reason, there may be a risk that Goldmoney Lend & Borrow would no longer be able to process loan interest payments and repayments due to Lenders. In the unlikely event of Goldmoney Lend & Borrow ceasing to operate, Goldmoney Lend & Borrow has set aside an amount of funds to administer the repayment of loans and the closing of Customer Accounts as described in clause 13 of the Customer Agreement and clause 18 of the Standard Loan Terms and Conditions.

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